Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement (BPI) is becoming high priority for successful Business Executives due to the ever increasing competitive industry markets. As your competitors improve and grow it is crucial that your business applies the latest BPI models and techniques to ensure that your business not only expands at the same rate but perhaps can find the answer to giving you the competitive edge. ZCom Solutions will spend time with you and your organization to document, understand and improve all of your business processes. Successful Managers and business owners are realizing that operating their businesses without a well documented processes is like driving without a map to reach your final destination. Well documented and streamlined processes are essential in a smooth functioning of a team as they help ensure consistency, track ability and focus towards a shared goal.

The benefits of investing in Business Process Improvement are substantial. BPI removes the steps of a process which are Non Value Add, inherently most processes are full of these costly NVA steps and most organizations are not always aware of their existence. This is mostly due to the age old approach that if its not broken why fix it. Be honest - how often have you heard the words or even thought of the following words "Its always been done that way"! ZCom Solutions will work with you to identify these areas and identify where change can be cost effective for your business. Through using forward thinking methods finding solutions that are specific to your business we will reduce your cost, improve the efficiency of your process & improve staff morale while taking into account your organizations talent & experience.

Benefits Summarized
Improved Business Agility
Reduced Costs and Higher Revenues
Higher Efficiency
Better Visibility
Compliance, Safety and Security
Improved Staff Morale

Business Assessment

ZCom Solutions will work with you during the exploration and identification phase of the needs assessment to determine what you already know about your organization's needs, whether it be additional resources, new technologies, improved processes or market expansion. It's about figuring out where you are and where you want to be!

The second phase of this Assessment is the data gathering and analysis phase. At this stage you are collecting the information you need to better understand the gaps (needs) between where you are and where you want to be in the future. Data may be collected from internal company records, external comparative’s, bench marking software amongst many others. After the gathering phase is complete we will embark analyzing this data and understanding the impact to your organization.

Together we will embark on identifying the priorities, projects & cost of these new found possibilities. We will work closely with you to identify KPI's relevant to your organization and provide you with the tools to consciously monitor the success and efficiency of all future processes.

Benefits Summarized
Documented Processes
Opportunities Identified
Reduced Cost
Increased Efficiency
Improved Technology
Improved Staff Morale

Audit Health Check

Are you ready for this year’s Audit? ZCom Solutions offers the best in Audit Health Checks working with you to ensure that there is no surprise during your Audit season.

The benefits of being prepared for your Auditors arrival are very real. We all know the time, resource and cost associated with providing your Auditors with the relevant information they require. ZCom solutions will review your process to make sure that your organization has the smoothest possible time while you are being Audited. We will use a validated Audit Checklist; walking through all your processes we will identify any potential risk to your Audit result. We will also ensure your staff are prepared for their role during an onsite audit process.

Benefits Summarized
Reduced Audit Costs
Reduced resource impact
Reduced Risk to Audit Result

Change Management

Most people inherently find change a scary prospect, especially when it comes to their livelihood and job security. We focus on making change a positive concept for businesses by focusing on how the end result can develop your organization, find opportunity for growth plus increase job satisfaction. We work with organizations to embody the vision of management and staff alike to culture an environment of continuous improvement.

Benefits Summarized
Recognizing the changes in the broader business environment
Improved cross functional synergies
Improved staff morale
Training & development for staff
Increased staff support

Change management processes should include creative marketing to enable communication between changing audiences, as well as deep social understanding about leadership styles and group dynamics. As a visible track on transformation projects, organizational change management aligns groups’ expectations, integrates teams, and manages employee-training. "Shift your thinking, drive your success"

Employee Development

Employee development is often overlooked when we focus on what we believe is important or it is done as part of a tick the box exercise. A recent study has shown that 1,200 young high achievers, many of the best and the brightest are not receiving the career development support they desire. This means that much of the futures potential talent is likely looking elsewhere for a role that would give them greater satisfaction. It is often difficult to see where this can fit into an already hectic and busy workplace but the invested time reaps many rewards with increased productivity, better quality & employee loyalty.

ZCOM Solutions will work with you to assess how we can model an Employee Development Program that is tailored to your organization and employees. We will work with your leadership team to build the stepping stones to the future of your organization through utilizing existing talent, rewarding development efforts and structuring your organization so that you retain your best employees. They will never want to leave.

Leadership Development
Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)
Increased Loyalty
Reduced turnover costs
Improve productivity
Improve Quality